What is a BPO Call Center and Does My Business Need It?

Key Takeaways

As businesses expand, so do the workforce, operations, and finances. Hurdles and constraints typically arise when growing your company. Two of the most common internal challenges are the lack of funds and or shortage of employees. So, how do you resolve this? Common answers would be to cut back on costs or hire more people. If you do both, then won’t the two contradict each other? The answer to both problems is simpler than you think.


Many business owners will agree that time is money. Wasted time means wasted revenue and growth opportunities. Business operations should maximize their time and productivity to achieve their intended goals and milestones. This is where BPO steps in.

Here in the Philippines, we are known as a BPO capital across the world. This is attributed to the robust increase of BPO call centers across the country over decades of growth and success. That’s why a lot of people use the words BPO and call center interchangeably to refer to the same thing: BPO call centers. Perhaps it is just to shorten the phrase but it does contribute to a bit of a misconception between the two that they are exactly the same.


Key Differences Between BPO and Call Centers

Simply put, BPO and call centers are not the same thing.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is when you outsource a part of your business operations to a third-party (external) service provider. BPO services are highly in-demand as it allows businesses to save on costs and increase productivity simultaneously. Essential office functions are shifted to the care and expertise of BPO companies, such as AZPIRED — enabling business owners and their operations to focus and invest more on the company’s core value propositions and initiatives.

Whereas, a call center is a BPO company that provides the service of processing inbound and outbound calls on behalf of other companies. This BPO service is designed to perform tasks that mainly deal with telephone or mobile phone calls. Responsibilities of a call center and its agents include but are not limited to:

  • Handling incoming and outgoing calls
  • Providing information to customer inquiries
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Identifying and assessing customer needs and provide solutions
  • Following customer care “scripts” for different topics or issues
  • Recording customer interactions
  • Processing orders and payments
  • Seizing opportunities to upsell products when they arise
  • Building positive customer relationships and engagements
  • Communicating with different departments
  • Achieving personal quotas and or team target objectives

Reasons Why Your Business Should Need Call Center Services

There are a lot of reasons to hire BPO call centers, especially here in the Philippines, a nation renowned as a BPO capital. So, if you are still unsure if you need to employ call center services, let’s see why most people do it.

  1. Cost-Efficiency Finding the right call center to partner with will exponentially save you money all while providing excellent support to your customers.
  2. Skilled Professionals Call center employees specialize in handling customer calls of various concerns and are well-equipped to deal with anything that comes their way.
  3. Expanded Service With call center services, your customers can be accommodated via any language that is convenient for them and at any time they need help, especially after main business hours.
  4. Increase Customer Loyalty Having a call center handle engagements with your customers helps build sustainable relationships on your behalf. Consistent customer satisfaction results in customer loyalty in the long run.
  5. Access to Better Technology If your company has limited bandwidth and is under-equipped to fully accommodate volumes of customer calls, hiring a call center is a great decision. Call centers are well-furnished with industry-standard technology and hardware to provide quality service that you deserve.

Embracing call center services is more than a strategic move. It's a dynamic response to the evolving landscape of customer-centric businesses. The multifaceted advantages offered by BPO call centers, particularly in the thriving hub of the Philippines, extend beyond cost-efficiency and expert support. They encompass a commitment to unparalleled service accessibility, linguistic flexibility, customer relationship cultivation, and cutting-edge technology adoption. As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern market, integrating call center services emerges not only as a solution but as an indispensable asset for sustained growth and success.

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